Brie Burns

brie burnsHometown – North Sutton, NH

Major/s – Political Science and Environmental Studies

Primary activities at Principia – Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, the Euphrates Institute, PAC Board, and the CSO Outreach Committee

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far – Watching Carly Fiorina really make a name for herself through the debates.

Most looking forward to on the field program – I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to spend time in the field directly interacting with, and learning from, individuals who have committed their lives to running campaigns.

Most noteworthy political memory – My great grandmother was always very outspoken about politics. I remember how committed she was to watching the debates and the more exciting the debates were, the more wildly she would wave her cane through the air.

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be – In middle school, I wrote what the world Love meant to me on a small, white sticky note and I have kept it with me ever since. My first day in office, I would tape that piece of paper to my desk to remind me what my most important job is – to love a little more more every single day.

If I was running for president, my slogan would be – I have absolutely no idea what my slogan would be! Hopefully, if that time ever comes, a mix of creativity and spontaneity will yield something exciting.