On the Campaign Trail in Iowa — Day 7

Thursday morning The Race for the White House crew drove to Hillary Clinton’s campaign field office in Grinnell, Iowa. We learned about get-out-the-vote activities like canvassing and cold calling from the office’s director, Jimmy Dahman.
After lunch the group split into three groups. Some volunteered for Hillary’s campaign by cold calling or canvassing (knocking on doors in the cold weather!!). Another group met with a volunteer for Bernie Sanders and also did some cold calling. The last group visited local Republican Party leaders at their home and talked politics over some cake and warm beverages.
Grinnell1 Grinnell2
We all reconvened back at Hillary’s field office to learn more about the mathematics of delegate selection in the caucus process and participate in a mock caucus conducted by local party activist Kevin Crim.  In 1996, Kevin was invited by the Smithsonian to deliver these kind of lectures on the Mall in Washington, D.C. when Iowa heritage was being celebrated. Our whole day in Grinnell was graciously organized by Powesheik County Democratic Party co-chair Rachel Bly, who is also a Grinnell College staff member.
The night ended at none other but Senator Rand Paul’s 53rd birthday party at Buzzard Billie’s in Des Moines! The crew got some pictures and got to shake the Senator’s hand. Next stop, New Hampshire!

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