Amanda Bickerstaff

Co-founder and CEO of AI For Education

Amanda Bickerstaff co-founded and serves as the CEO of AI For Education, and has an extensive background spanning over 20 years as a former high school biology educator and EdTech executive. Her expertise lies in recognizing the educational sector’s challenges and the potential advancements AI brings. Renowned for her contributions as a consultant, speaker, and author on AI’s role in education, Bickerstaff conducts impactful workshops and professional development sessions for educators across K-12 and higher education sectors. Her dedication focuses on guiding schools and educators toward leveraging AI ethically and fairly to enhance their capabilities.

On Friday, April 5th, at 1 pm, Bickerstaff will facilitate a professional development workshop at Wanamaker Hall.

This 90-minute interactive session, designed for PAC attendees, will include a primer on Generative AI, debunking common myths and facts about its development. Bickerstaff will showcase the application of various AI platforms through the use of AI for Education’s Prompt Library for Educators and the 5s Framework. The workshop will conclude with a vital discussion on ethical considerations and maintaining academic integrity.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets to engage fully in this hands-on experience