David Ryan Polgar is a pioneering tech ethicist, Responsible Tech advocate, and expert on ways to improve social media and our information ecosystem. David is the founder of All Tech Is Human, an organization committed to building the Responsible Tech pipeline by making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest. As the leader of All Tech Is Human, he has spearheaded the development of three recent reports: Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future, The Business Case for AI Ethics: Moving From Theory to Action, and Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations and Ideas for a Better Tech Future. In March 2020, David became a member of TikTok’s Content Advisory Council, providing expertise around the delicate and difficult challenges facing social media platforms to expand expression while limiting harm.

An international speaker with rare insight into building a better tech future, David has been on stage at Harvard Business School, Princeton University, Notre Dame, The School of the New York Times, TechChill (Latvia), The Next Web (Netherlands), FutureNow (Slovakia), the Future Health Summit (Ireland), and many more. His commentary has appeared on CBS This Morning, TODAY show, BBC World News, Fast Company, The Guardian, SiriusXM, Associated Press, LA Times, USA Today, and many others. 

David is a monthly expert contributor to Built In (writing about the Responsible Tech movement), an advisor & contributor for Techworker.com, and an advisory board member for the Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness (TAM) program. The main throughline throughout David’s work is that we need a collaborative, multistakeholder, and multidisciplinary approach in order to build a tech future that is aligned with the public interest.

Polgar’s talk will be April 9th at 7:30 pm and will also be joining a panel at 12:30pm that same day