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Summer 2004

28 Aug

The Mammoth News

Summer 2004, Volume 6

Lab Work

Early in the summer, Chrissy McAllister, Biology faculty member, and I worked on preparing the other side (top side) of the right humerus. It was slow work! We had great help from a visiting student from Germany.
The Summer Session class continued removing matrix from the right scapula.

Field Work

We made great progress in the field with the Summer Session class. We plaster jacketed several bones, including some feet or hand bones and two large lower arm bones – the right ulna and radius that were articulated. This involved tunneling under the bones to wrap the plaster bandages around them – hot work in July in Illinois! But it was a great crew and we had fun. These bones had been found and pedestaled last spring.



During the summer I hosted tours for over 600 people. These included a local nature camp, archeology students from Kampsville, two rock clubs from central Illinois, Principia alumni, and parents of our new students.


A colleague from the Illinois State Geological Survey, Bob Vaiden, and I conducted a workshop for 6-12 teachers on mammoths and the Ice Age at the Illinois Science Teachers Association annual convention held in Bloomington, IL, in July.

-Janis Treworgy

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