Program Focus

This abroad examines the most famous Megalithic cultures of Europe to try to understand what people believed at the dawn of human civilization (that led them to break habits formed over 2.5 million years and start building enormous cultural monuments.)  The abroad starts with Stonehenge, Bryn Ddu Celli and other prehistoric monuments in Great Britain before moving to Malta, the location for the earliest free-standing temples in the world – giant megalithic structures and underground prehistoric temples – dating back to 3600BC. 

Malta is located at a crucial juncture between the East and Western Mediterranean, and between Europe and Africa and was possibly the crucible for ideas that influenced other great civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean and further afield.  However, while several temples have been found, very little is known about the religious practices at them. 

Malta also has an illustrious history with Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Muslim, Norman, French and British occupiers at different points in history, producing a rich, eclectic culture and providing a good example of how the ideas and culture of a place is shaped over time. 


SOAN 230: Archaeological Field Studies

SH: 3   Attribute: GESS

This course is a classroom/ on-site, practical program in the methods and techniques of archaeological excavation and interpretation.  Students will learn how to excavate, record and identify artifacts and features in the ground, and to use of a variety of precision surveying equipment.  The course also teaches students how to interpret data and artifacts, relating them to society.


SOAN 331: Advanced Topics in Archaeological Field Studies: Malta

SH: 4   Attribute: none

Students will learn archaeological skills, including survey, mapping, drawing features, stratigraphy and finds, classification and recording of features and artifacts, how ideas and beliefs change and how sites and buildings are changed through changes in ideas.

ARTH 205: Topics in Art History: Ancient Megalithic Cultures

SH: 2   Attribute: none

This course will study the prehistoric art and culture of Ancient Britain and Malta and its place within European Prehistory. It will explore religious, philosophical, ecological and cultural influences as well as historical exemplars of some of these factors on the island. 


SPST 281: Reentry Seminar: Malta

SH: 1   Attribute: none

Taught on campus fall semester, 2018, this required reentry seminar is an opportunity for students to internalize, integrate, and formulate the personal and academic learning gained from their study in Malta.