Toco & Grand Riviere

By Colleen Klehm

Today we woke up early for breakfast at 7:30. We had bread, eggs and watermelon. Then we got on the bus and headed off to the lighthouse in Toco (which is a town on the east tip of Trinidad) . This trip took us down some very small twisty curvy roads, but when we arrived it was definitely worth it.

The lighthouse was sitting up on some large ocean bluffs overlooking the convergence of the ocean on either side of the island and also had some pretty cute green turtles in it. We hung out there for a bit and then headed off to Grande Rivière where they have the largest number of nesting leather backs on the island. Once we arrived we were told a little about their organization and then had lunch cooked by the wife of one of the organizers who is known for her cooking!

While we ate, we were read some beautiful and funny poems about turtles and everything they go through. While lunch and poems were happening we had our first drenching rain in Trinidad and it was amazing! Once the rain had settled and we were done with lunch, and many encores of the poems, we walked out to Grande Rivière beach to body surf and sun bathe.

Some people bought things for family and friends in a local shop on the beach. We were there for about two hours and then said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed back to Suzan’s Guest House. Back at the house we got to look at and buy the pottery, jewelry and trinkets that Nature Seekers had made to promote the love of sea turtles. We had a lovely dinner and headed to Matura beach around 7 to see our beautiful sea turtle friends one last time.