Final Thoughts

What a privilege and honor it is to be with this group of students from Principia. The purity of their thought has been a great blessing to Spain on many levels. The qualities that the students so naturally express such as joy, willingness, flexibility, ease, freedom, and dominion have come out in their communication, their politeness, in the way they move from one activity to the next, and their overall support of the whole group individually and collectively. Their spontaneity has been beautifully expressed in their sharing of musical talents with some of our friends here in Spain. As individual as each one is, they have moved gracefully and humbly as a unit. That is an incredibly important component when traveling together in another country.

Sometimes on a short trip like this where you are faced with some very unique cultural differences in food, tradition, communication and everyday expectations, there is no learning curve. You just have to “be” what and who you are as God’s child and include everyone you meet in that same understanding knowing that this will adjust and transform wherever it is humanly needed. These students are proving that the language of Love opens doors. They have been an inspiration to me.

The group decided to have a metaphysical theme for the trip which is “Love is reflected in love” and includes the idea of “As in heaven, so on earth.” The metaphysicals and sharing time we have everyday have been inspired and fresh. Healings and the overcoming of limitations have been shared. I have felt so blessed by the understanding of God and man that each one has brought to this trip.

Spain is filled with beauty, art, music, and history that continues to evolve. Like so many nations in the world, it is at another point of choosing the correct road of progress. We all have been supporting the spiritual concept of one universal government under the law of Love during this time of the king of Spain’s abdication. The resilient and spiritually strong innocent thought of this group and the clear desire to see the newness of the Christ as the constant journey and destination, is evident every day.

Liz Mata

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  1. Much has been said (I’d know, having been on -that- Prin side of the fence as a student, not so long ago) about the Abroad’s effect on the lives of those taking part. Its transformative, formative, inspirational effect on those taking part. The trip of a lifetime. And a demonstrative, metaphysical experience to boot.-

    Granted, but it behooves us now, those -this- side of that “in the world, not of it” fence, to speak some of the Abroad’s transformative effect on those it leaves -behind-. Those whose lives are also unmistakably touched, even though at times without many locals having a sense of by whom or exactly by what, or even how.-

    And after reading through the posts here, this closing one by Elizabeth included, I could sideways add many accounts of glancing, passing blows of grace, and Love and warmth -forcefully- (forcefully) experienced by those all around down here, every single time one of the students (particularly) smiled, or sang (particularly, again), or politely behaved in the polished manner also a mark of either St. Louis or Elsah. (“Riotous” dormitory life, aside, of course!).-

    But those are memories best shared the next time around. When visiting as friends, with the many you all left behind.-

    Folks at the ASLIPO NGO – whose only fault, they claim, was “not keeping you well fed enough!” (a mark of local hospitality, you will understand) – or the folks at the AEPI business center (also impressed by the depth of -care- – not just knowledge, care – demonstrated by the students during their visit), or several people at the University of Alicante (as that day’s host there has since shared) who were left wondering “who those people were”, “what planet from?”, what “cloud”, with their warm smiles and their “matter-of-friendly” behavior.-

    But even with all those blessings tallied (and growing, still), I am left most impressed by what was shared during the service Sunday. By those (much needed) glances into the metaphysical experiences of others that the community here has already been putting to good use.-

    I shared then, and will take the liberty here to again do that, how “at no other point in human history”, as a personal conviction, have the talents and the “spiritual training” and broad outlook and the general assets that Principia equips students with been more necessary, more essential, more welcome in the wider world.-

    Having had the honor to witness firsthand the fact that this “standard Prin issue” thought-equipment, those character-tools, are still being deployed in good measure, I assure you that there’s a part of the Mediterranean (not to speak of – in all likelihood – an entire land) that is, today, after your visit much more Christ-like.-

    I trust you will join us, now as friends, in beholding together the many fruits that are -yet- to come about, for the many fishes and loaves you all brought with you have truly, I can attest, fed thousands.-

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