Day 27: June 7th

What a full day!  We made our way back to Madrid leaving Alicante around 9:30 AM.  The bus ride was very busy since we had a couple final abroad things to take care of.  We each had to complete a pretty lengthy test that covered a lot of the Spanish language to see how much we learned over the past four weeks.

In addition to the written test, we had an oral exam with Duncan.  We talked with him in Spanish from anywhere between 5-15 minutes.  It gave him the opportunity to talk with us about the trip, and give him the chance to hear how much our spanish has improved.

We arrived in Madrid around 3:30 PM.  Our afternoon and evening was full of culture review and final thoughts.  We also had a wonderful gratitude session, which was really touching.  Many people gave gratitude for Duncan and Liz for their hard work and support.  We cannot thank them enough.  Many also gave gratitude for a harmonious and safe trip.  The people in our group all got along so well, and I know that I feel closer to everyone.

We were so blessed with this amazing opportunity, and I know that we will never forget these memories.  Thank you so much for all the support and prayer from home as well.  We’ll see you soon!

Molly Moser

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