Day 24: June 4th

This morning we had Spanish classes!  Our class got to play Taboo in Spanish, and we discussed important events in Spanish and American history.  

After classes the whole group went to La Playa San Juan, a beach a little bit further away so there weren’t many other people!  The water was gorgeous and perfect for swimming.  It was cold at first but it was so hot out it ended up being perfect.  But it was still too cold for Christian.  Some people left to go shopping or find food and some of us stayed till dinner time!  

We had delicious dinners in our home stays.  Meredith and I went over to Shontee and Lena’s apartment across the hall to have dinner with them and their roommates from France!  It was so fun to be able to communicate in Spanish when the common language isn’t English. After dinner a group of us and our new French friends went to the best gelato shop in Alicante and ate ice cream by the beach.  We went to bed soon after to get ready for our packed day tomorrow!

Kyla Pelletier

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