Day 23: June 3rd

Today we had classes as usual starting at 9:00 AM at Estudio Sampere.  At 10:30, we had a 30 minute break and people went out for coffee and pastries.  There are several very good and very cheap cafes near the school that all have excellent coffee and some of the best chocolate croissants we’ve had so far in Spain.  We returned to classes and finished our morning with a quick metaphysical and prayer for Spain as it undergoes political unrest following the abdication of King Juan Carlos I.  We talked about what is next for the country and whether or not the monarchy will continue for another generation or be abolished before Felipe VI can take the throne.  In Madrid we met with Andres Cala, correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, and we talked about the future of Spain and how it is affected by the history of the country.  Today we read his article about the abdication and what it means for Spain. For more information here is the article:

After class, we went down to the beach for a couple of hours.  The beach was crowded, but we found a nice spot and enjoyed the sun and the Mediterranean water.  The water was perfect for swimming, gentle waves and not too cold.  A nice contrast to the hot weather that we’ve been enjoying.

We met at 4:00 PM to rehearse our songs for the ‘concert’ that we are participating in on Thursday.  We decided to sing hymn 304 and the doxology and a short traditional Spanish song as a whole group. There are a few other smaller performances from our group.  There will be a selection of Disney songs as well as some violin and guitar pieces from Jesse and Charlie.

The weather tonight is perfect for a walk along the beach.  The castle and the city below it are lit up every night and walking along the beach is the best way to take everything in.

Hannah Schlomann

One thought on “Day 23: June 3rd”

  1. Wow! What an experience you all are having!

    School, chocolate croissants, Mediterranean, change of government.

    I was praying for the world this morning with the words:
    “Pour in Truth through flood tides of Love.” – Mary Baker Eddy

    Keep up your wonderful works!

    Bless you.

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