Day 22: June 2nd

It was our first day of school in Alicante!  After a week of vacation and traveling in the south of Spain and a lot of speaking English, I thought our Spanish skills would be a bit rusty but we jumped right in to class without any problemas.  It’s amazing how much our Spanish has improved since we arrived in Madrid.

We discovered, not long into our break between classes that there is a bakery where you can buy five mini chocolate croissants for two euros! It is going to be a good week….

After school, we took a break to go eat lunch with our host families. Shontee and I have had a really great experience with our new host family.  The culture in Alicante is a lot different than that it in Madrid. Most of us have found that our host mothers are much more laid back here.  When Shontee and I arrived, our host mother said my house, is your house! She is a doll 🙂

After lunch, the group had a short tour through Alicante.  We saw the commercial and historical district and of course, stopped at one of the most well known and highly rated heladerias (Ice Cream Shops) in Spain.  I got a scoop of dark chocolate and salted caramel….. Delicious! Afterwards, we walked off our dessert at the beach and bought some Spanish chocolate and other sweets for family and friends back home. To finish of the day, Shontee and I arrived at home to be greeted by a humongous pan of paella!

What a great day… I can’t believe it is our last week but I am so grateful to be spending it in Alicante, what a beautiful city.

Lena Carlson

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