Day 21: June 1st

Today, we attended a lovely church service at 10:00 in the morning. The Alicante church holds it’s Wednesday testimony meeting right after the Sunday church service on the first Sunday of the month because it can be difficult for some of the church members to travel to town Wednesday nights.  So we had a very uplifting Sunday service of 2 hours – the second hour being the testimony meeting.  Many church members shared testimonies as well as some Principia students.  The students shared their testimonies in English and then repeated them in Spanish.

After church, we took a nice tram ride to a beach called the San Juan beach.  A lot of the church members joined us for lunch. We had a great time talking to the members while eating a very amazing meal. We were served many delicious appetizers and, just when we were full, we were served a tasty paella dish.

Once we finished lunch, we had some down time before José Mata’s lecture, and the abroad group walked up and down the beach as well as around the nearby shops.  The weather was on the cooler side and yet, Jesse, Shontee, and Meredith were brave enough to put on their bathing suits and jump into the Mediterranean Sea!  I think it made all of us excited to do so when the weather warms up.

We then left the beach and took the tram back to the center of Alicante to attend José Mata’s talk, “Reino de Los Cielos,” focusing on altrusimo, bondad, misericordia, justica, salud, santidad, and amor. The talk was given in Spanish so it not only inspired us, but challenged our Spanish listening skills as well.

At the end of the talk, some of the abroad mingled with the people that showed up to listen to the talk – not everyone that had attended was a Christian Scientist.  Then we all returned to our second night at the new homestays in Alicante for dinner.

Tess Rountree

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