Program Focus

On this Abroad, you’ll fine-tune the art of being a citizen of the world by stepping into a new culture — with love, sensitivity, the spirit of inquiry, observation, experience, and reflection.  You’ll notice and honor cultural differences, but you’ll also see and build on our global family commonalities.  You’ll connect with Peruvians — fellow Christian Scientists and many others.

Here are our key learning themes:

  • The convergence of the natural and cultural landscapes, with particular attention to the ways these landscapes impact one another
  • Language learning as a door to cultural understanding and authentic communication
  • Contemporary Peru’s hybrid cultural identity and the multiplicity of influences that have shaped it

Program Preliminary Itinerary

In broad strokes, here’s our plan.

  • We’ll spend 4 weeks on campus getting ourselves mentally, metaphysically, and academically ready to go.
  • In country, we’ll start in the urban setting of Lima, then head south along the desert coast to get some hands-on experience with the marine environment and issues around fishing, one of Peru’s largest income-generators, for 3 weeks.
  •  We’ll then fly to Cusco for 4 weeks, where you’ll live with Peruvian families, take language instruction, do volunteer service, develop an interview-based cultural project, and get to know the surrounding Sacred Valley.
  • We’ll be on the move for the last 3 weeks  — exploring Machu Picchu,  doing a 5-day trek in the Andes, staying on an island on Lake Titicaca with local farmers, and hiking down the Colca Canyon, where condors ride the thermals.Program Staff
    This program will be directed by professor Cecily Lee with the collaboration of a resident counselor, who will be announced at a later date.Prof. Lee is an associate professor of Spanish.  She earned a B.A. degree from Principia College, an M.A.T. from Webster University and an M.A. in Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis. Having lived, worked and raised a bilingual and bicultural family in Mexico, professor Lee brings an intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture to her leadership of this abroad. She has led seven Principia Abroads and Language Immersion Programs — to Peru (3), Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala. Cecily is a lifelong and class-taught Christian Scientist.Cost
    Under a subsidy policy sponsored by Principia Abroad, the cost of the Peru Abroad program will be the same as tuition, room, board, and activity fees on campus for spring semester, 2013, plus airfare and a $500 Abroad Administrative fee.

    The following items will be INCLUDED in the cost: tuition for 15 semester hours; all accommodations, meals, and transportation in Peru; lectures; admissions to scheduled sites, museums, and cultural activities planned as part of the program; some insurance; and administrative fees.

    Costs NOT INCLUDED: Domestic U.S. and international airfares; $500 Abroad fee, passport fees, personal expenses; optional activities not planned as part of the program; and any other expense not specifically noted as included in the cost of the program.

    Selection took place during spring semester, 2012.  Each applicant was interviewed by the program staff, Cecily Lee.

    The fundamental criteria for final selection include evidenced commitment to and reliance on Christian Science; an expression of qualities that will represent Principia and its spiritual, moral, and intellectual values; good scholastic average; evidenced understanding of, and well-motivated interest in, the goals and objectives of the program; evidenced emotional maturity and ability to adapt to new and unexpected circumstances, and evidenced ability to get along with fellow students and with program staff members.

    The Principia Abroad Office will notify each applicant during seventh week of spring semester, 2012, regarding the decision on his/her application.  Those eligible but not accepted in the initial selection process may be placed on a waiting list.

    A total of 15 semester hours credit will be earned on this abroad during Spring Semester 2013. 0.5 semester hours will be earned during Fall Semester 2013.  Courses Subject to Change.


    1.  Focus on Natural History – students will take the following courses:

    BNR 245: Natural History: Peru              SH: 3 Attribute: BNR, GESL

    Focuses on conservation and water supply management in the face of receding glaciers.
    Course taught by: To Be AnnouncedFocuses on modern day fishing/harvesting practices and considers sustainability and conservation questions.

    BNR 141: Intro to Marine Fisheries          SH: 4 Attribute: BNR, GESL

    Focuses on modern day fishing/harvesting practices and considers sustainability and conservation questions.

    Course taught by: Scott Eckert, PhD

    2.  Focus on Culture – students will take ONE of the following 2 courses:

         Courses taught by: Cecily Lee

    SPAN 220: Hispanic Civilization: Peru       SH: 4 Attribute: NONE

    This course requires work in Spanish to understand the historical and contemporary civilization of Peru.

    SPST 285: Country Studies: Peru             SH: 4 Attribute: NONE

    This course focuses on Peruvian culture – past and contemporary – with focus on specific indigenous cultures.  All course work will be done in English.

    3.  Focus on Language – students will take ONE the following courses:

         Courses taught by: Cecily Lee

    SPAN 136: Language Wrkshop Elem      SH:4 Attribute: FLAN/GESL

    SPAN 236: Language Wrkshop Inter      SH:4 Attribute: NONE

    SPAN 336: Language Wrkshop Adv        SH:4 Attribute: NONE

    SPAN 316: Advanced Conversation         SH:3 Attribute: NONE


    4.  Courses without Credit – students will take the following courses:

         Courses taught by: Cecily Lee

    PE 085: Hiking / Backpacking: Peru            SH: 0 Attribute: GEPE/PE

    SOAN 050: Community Service Program      SH: 0 Attribute: NONE


    POST ABROAD COURSE If on campus during fall semester, 2013, participants are required to enroll in:
    Course taught by: Linda Bohaker
    SPST 281: Reentry Seminar: Peru                  SH: 0.5 Attribute: NONE