Though we’re not in London or Paris, we still have to shop! And, that we did – shopped ‘til we dropped for kurtas. In Nepal, women are most commonly seen wearing saris or kurtas. The kurta is a long dress/shirt worn over large pants (suruwal) with a scarf (sal). Obviously, in order to fully embrace the Nepali culture, we obviously HAD to get them 🙂 And, what a cultural experience. We all went as a group (men doing their own shopping because Lord knows how long women take to select the perfect dress) & spread out between two fabric stores. We started by looking through tons of fabrics to pick out the perfect pattern. Some found their perfect match right away….others took their time to thumb through the copious amount of options before bartering with the vendor. Either way, we all walked out with a pattern that fit us perfectly! Next, we took our clothing to get tailored around the corner by women who work around the clock. Our friend Sumi was so gracious and translated each of our measurements to the tailor. For most of us, it was the first time having every little inch of us measured & there were so many choices! Then……we waited; two days later, walla! We’re now kurta-clad women.

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