The focus of this abroad is a study of modern Japan with an emphasis on culture, history, language, and contemporary society. In particular, students will focus on the key events and forces that have shaped Japan’s history and culture and define its society today. In essence, this abroad offers a cross-disciplinary study of Japanese society — its traditions, current issues and challenges, and future trends.

This program will be directed by Linda A. Bohaker, Professor of Business Administration at Principia College.  Professor Bohaker holds two masters degrees: one in international business and one in Japanese studies.  She has studied Japanese language and culture extensively, and she has lived, studied, and worked in Japan.  She served as visiting faculty on Principia’s Hawaii Field Program during Winter 2010, as resident counselor on the Vietnam/Cambodia Abroad in December 2009, and as the program director of seven previous abroads to Japan.

Jasmine Holzworh (C 2007) will serve as the Resident Counselor for the program.  Jasmine currently lives and works at Crystal Lake Camps, a Christian Science camp for youth in Pennsylvania.  There she leads trips, facilitates group-learning experiences and community building with the many different groups that come to the camp to participate in CS summer camp and off-season outdoor education activities.  She participated in the 2006 Japan abroad, and has travelled extensively on her own in Asia.