About Us

Anna-Zoë Herr

Director and Graphic Designer

2015-09-15 11.27.08

She is a Junior from Germany and is going to graduate with a double major in Global Perspectives and Studio Art and a minor in Sustainability. Zoë loves the small things in life. She is passionate about traveling, painting, writing and photography. When she traveled for a year through Latin America, collecting stories and documentaing her journey through the lens of her camera. That experience has taught her the priviledge of education and the great gift of learning. “When we have a priviledge, we must make use of it to uplift humanity and help those with less opportunities to act freely.” Zoë believes that change comes when the belief of separation yields to the realization of unity.
Zoë took over the Graphic Design work after Devon Carlson did it brilliantly for the first semester.


Sergio Zapata Cornejo

2015-09-15 11.23.56

He is a Senior from Peru with major in Global Perspectives and minors in Economics, Education, and Sustainability. Sergio loves to travel, play sports and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. He wants to study International Relations and Socioeconomic-Environmental Development after college. Sergio believes that the best way to understand the world around you is by traveling, embracing new cultures, and exchanging perspectives and experiences with people from other nations. Currently he is being instructed by the World Bank in terms of International Awareness and Development. “Promoting global awareness on this campus will help us to tear down our cultural barriers”.

Gemma Ritchie
Board Member and Organiser of the IPC Coffeeshop

She is a sophomore from South Africa 2015-09-15 11.25.26
and a double major in Mass Comm. and Journalism. Gemma is involved in many activities on Principia Campus namely, the Friendship Around the World Mentorship program, House Board The Pilot, and she speaks on the radio program Blunt and Black
“I have always been fascinated by the world around us, and I believe that we should strive to be citizens of the world, which means that we should be aware, and care for what happens to other people around the globe.”


Josh Kenworthy
Speaker’s Assistant, Metaphysical head

2015-09-15 11.26.23

He is a one-year enrichment student from Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree. Josh is currently taking classes in political science and photojournalism, and is writing for The Pilot. “I love what Christian Science teaches about the nature of God and reality. I am interested in the international news and global issues, and believe that the advancement of women’s rights is a key indicator of progress around the world.”




Diego John
Board Member and Treasurer2015-09-15 12.09.52

Diego is proudly an African from Ghana. He is a nontraditional Junior and he is majoring in Business Administration with minors in Management Information Systems, Global Perspectives, and Sustainability. Diego enjoys traveling to new places, smiling from the heart, learning new things, and interacting with like-minded people.




Jamie Yu
Board Member and Assistant Graphic Designer2015-09-15 11.24.22

She is non-traditional student from China and major in Education and Religion. Jamie also teaches Mandarin beginning class to students at Principia College. Her background in education, business development and woman empowerment drive her to always look for change and opportunities wherever she goes.





Merle Schmuland
Board Member2015-09-15 11.24.10

Merle is a Junior from Germany and majors in Business Administration and minors in Economics. This semester she is part of the Track & Field team, doing mid-/long-distance running. At home she is very into horseback riding, dressage being her favourite discipline.




Emelie Frederickson
Board Member Catering Executive2015-09-15 11.24.47

She is a sophomore from St. Louis and a Global Perspectives and International Relations major. “I love to travel and I have been to over 20 countries. I also love photography and playing soccer.”




Timon Keller
Media and Public Relations2015-09-15 11.27.52

Timon is a Sophomore from Lüneburg, Germany and a Biology major with a minor in Sustainability. He joined the IPC Board because of his strong interest in different cultures and the desire to promote cultural sensitivity and awareness at Principia College. Other interests include music, sports and travelling.




Namrata Roy
Board Member and Speaker’s Delegate2015-09-15 11.20.07

Namrata is a Freshman from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Even though she is an Engineering Major, she is very much interested in international relations and global citizenship. Being in the United States for three years now, she strongly believes that cultural origin or geographical boundaries cannot be a barrier to form to life-long relationships with people; because its the actual person you are connecting with, not their physical or cultural makeup. Her convictions have been inspired from awesome friendships she has made here in the United States.


Nohemy Johnson
Board Member

Is a Sophomore from Colombia and a Political Science Major and double minor in Women Studies and Spanish. Nohemy is involved in many school activities, such as, President of Half the Sky, club advocating for women and children, part of the LAZOS, the Hispanic club, on the house board of Howard, and a writer for the Pilot.
Nohemy is currently in Colombia and supported IPC for one semester in person.