Join us October 22–24, 2015 for Principia College’s International Perspectives Conference.

Our goal is to enrich our college and the surrounding community through speakers from different parts of the world. Building bridges, that transcend oceans and continents, lead to connections that create a unified global community. The exchange of thoughts, experiences and ideas is one of the most essential ways of sharing, and when cultures share with each other peace and understanding are established. Our conference will focus on issues that might be surprising and triggering. We seek to not stop at the awareness of these issues alone, but ultimately seek solutions to global issues that can only be sought together. Being a small college in the Midwest in North America, an expansive understanding of what it means to be ‘Global Citizens’ is essential.

In the fall of 2015 we are focusing on the topic of ‘Empowerment as Equals’ as it stretches across gender, religion and ethnicity. We’ll host five speakers who will draw on their experiences in Kenya/Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, India, and other parts of the world to provide insight, educate, and inspire the campus and beyond.

We will also be examining gender equality, and will be viewing the 2014 film The Mask You Live In, which explores American masculinity.

The conference is free for all Principia students and for all other attendees. If you would like to attend, please send us an email, so we can make sure you find us and are being let in.

View the conference schedule.

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