No conference of this size can be successful in isolation. We are very grateful to the Principia Center for Sustainability for its support of Nikki Silvestri, Co-Founder of Live Real and former Executive Director of People’s Grocery and Green for All, who is participating in PAC as the Center’s 2018 “Changemaker Speaker”. Additional funding was provided by the Resilience Studies Consortium, of which Principia College is a founding member. Finally, each year the Conference benefits from the support of a Faculty Advisor, and this year we are very fortunate to have Dr. Karen Eckert, Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainability, generously supporting us in this …

Caroline Assaf – Youth: Power of Cities

  Caroline Assaf – Director, Sustainable Cities International Caroline will explore how youth can most effectively develop a voice within an urban setting and how recent college graduates can empower their peers and become a force for sustainable development.

Nikki Silvestri – Designing for People, Designing for the Land

  Nikki Silvestri – Founder & CEO, Soil and Shadow Nikki will discuss how people and ecosystems can work together to create a sustainable future by designing from the perspective of the people and the soil. She will explain the importance of community development which enables our ecosystems to thrive and become resilient to change.

Ralph Bicknese and Dan Hellmuth – From Regenerative Buildings to Restorative Communities

Ralph Bicknese – Co-Founder, Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects Dan Hellmuth – Co-Founder, Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects Dan and Ralph will discuss the creation of living buildings and living communities. Living buildings are responsibly designed to give back to the environment more than they take. In turn, these living buildings help establish living communities by supporting the lives and well-being of local people. 

Pandora Thomas – We Are the Ones

Pandora Thomas – Co-Founder, Earthseed Consulting Pandora will discuss how to develop sustainable communities. She will explore strategies for collaborating with communities on sustainability, how to identify the assets community members can contribute this conversation, and how we can follow our personal interests and passions while remaining sustainably focused.