Program Summary

This multidisciplinary program will familiarize you with some of the diverse natural and socio-cultural environments of Peru as you forward your Spanish language acquisition in a native environment. It is structured with approximately ten weeks in Peru, six of which will be spent in Cusco and four dedicated to travel within the country.The learning themes to be explored are: 1) the historical and contemporary contexts of indigenous peoples in Peruvian society and their interface with modernization; 2) the natural history of the unique biosphere of the Andean Mountain region and 3) the Spanish language, to develop communicative competence and intercultural sensitivity.

Program Staff

This program will be directed by professor Cecily Quintanilla with the collaboration of Dr. Gary Fleener.

Ms. Quintanilla is an associate professor of Spanish. She earned a B.A. degree from Principia College, an M.A.T. from Webster University and an M.A. in Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis. Having married, lived, worked and raised a bilingual and bicultural family in Mexico over an 18-year period, professor Quintanilla brings an intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture to her leadership of this abroad. She co-directed a Principia Abroad to Peru with Dr. Fleener in the spring of 2006 as well as a program to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in December, 2004.

Dr. Gary Fleener has taught courses in general and mountain ecology, natural resource management, and global environmental issues at Principia College. He has served as faculty on the 1996 Rocky Mountain field program, and the 1997 New Zealand abroad. He further directed the 1999, 2001, and 2003 Himalayan programs, and co-directed the 2003 Mountain Quest program to Appalachia and Peru, as well as the 2006 Peru Abroad.

A resident counselor, whose name will be announced at a later date, will also travel with this abroad group.


A total of sixteen (16) quarter hours of credit will be earned in association with this abroad.

ORIENTATION (required, offered spring quarter 2007)

SPST 280: Orientation Seminar: Peru
Quarter Hours: 1 Attribute: -

Prepares the abroad participants culturally, academically and logistically for their upcoming trip.

One course will be taken during the abroad in each of the focus areas:

1. FOCUS: Natural History

BNR 245: Natural History: Peru
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: BNR

Focuses on the study of the natural history of flora and fauna in Peru and the country’s mountain ecology.

2. FOCUS: Culture

SPAN 230: Hispanic Culture
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: -

Deals with Peruvian culture – past and contemporary – with focus on specific indigenous cultures. Certain written work, readings and discussion will be in Spanish.


SPST 285L Country Studies: Peru
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: -

Same content as SPAN 230 but work will be in English.

3. FOCUS: Spanish language

SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish

Quarter Hours: 5


SPAN 136: Language Wrkshp Abroad: Elem
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: FLAN


SPAN 236: Language Wrkshp Abroad: Intermediate
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: -

Prerequisites: SPAN 103, SPAN 110 or placement.


SPAN 316: Advanced Conversation
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: -

Prerequisites: SPAN 216 and 225.

The following course will be offered winter quarter 2008 for the abroad participants who will be on campus:

SPST 281: Production Seminar: Peru
Quarter Hours: 5 Attribute: -

Develops skills for a documentary presentation of the abroad to the Principia community.



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